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    您現在的位置: 國際教育交流學院> 來華留學生

    Short-term Class of Cangzhou Technical College

    作者: 錄入者:王晗旭 來源: 發布時間:2018年01月11日


        The short-term class of Cangzhou Technical College aims to offer opportunities for international students to walk into China and have an experience. It’s time to introduce Chinese elements into the world. The international students will experience the unique of Chinese culture after learning Chinese language, culture and culture experience courses.

    1. Application period:

    Summer Semester:10th Mar. to 30th Jun.           Winter Semester: 10th Sep. to 30th Dec.

    1. Class grouping:Beginner Course, Intermediate Course

    III. Application Requirements

    The applicant must be not Chinese citizens that aged from 18 to 35.The applicant should also be in good health.

    IV.Courses and activities arrangements ( 4 weeks )



    Scheduling program


    A.M: Chinese language course

    Culture experience

    P.M:Culture experience


    Culture experience


    Free Time

    V. Curriculums

    Chinese course: Teaching Chinese language is done according to the students’ Chinese proficiency.

    Chinese Culture Courses Paper-cutting, Etiquette, Tea & Wine culture, Beijing Opera facial masks painting, Taichi、Martial Arts.

    Culture experience: Visiting Cangzhou Museum, Cangzhou Planning Exhibition Hall and Cangzhou Library, Visiting Cangzhou Celebrity Botanical Garden, visiting the Chinese liquor factory to learn about liquor culture, visiting the Lion City Park and Cangzhou gym. visiting Cangzhou Wenmiao to experience the Confucian culture, going to the farmers’ house to pick fresh vegetables and fruits, visiting Baiyangdian Lake by boat, going to Huanghua Port for fishing, visiting the Iron Lion and Dongguang Tiefo Temple, having a picnic near the Grand Canal, visiting the old or doing volunteer work in nursing home and being volunteer teachers in kindergarten .

    VI. Introduction to courses







    1. Students are expected to know basic words and grammars. At the end of the course, students should have a basic command in listening, speaking, reading, and writing which meet the needs of daily living and study.

    2. Students will be able to have a basic understanding after a brief introduction about Chinese tradition culture.


    1. The introduction of calligraphy history and appreciation of calligraphy work and introduction of its tools and standards.

    2. Showcase of the basic strokes of regular script and one single Chinese character and a complete work written with regular script.



    1. Chinese painting’s  characteristics, classification and system

    2. Showcase of painting tools in Chinese paintings, for example rice paper, brush and ink.


    paper cutting

    1. Introduction to Chinese paper cutting

    2. The basic operational approaches and instruments about Chinese paper cutting


    1. The origin and development of Chinese etiquette

    2.The classification and basic customs of Chinese etiquette

    Beijing Opera facial masks painting

    1. Understand the meaning of Beijing  Opera facial masks Painting

    2. Beijing Opera facial masks painting procedures, for example , line drawing, painting stuff.

    Tea & Wine


    1.The origins and developments of tea & wine cultures.

    2. The classifications of tea and wine

    3. Participating in infusion of tea, tea-tasting and wine-tasting under the teacher’s guides.


    Martial Arts

    1. Basic introduction of the Tai chi and martial and showing the basic gestures by teachers.

    2. Participants do necessary warm-up exercises under the leadership of the teacher and follow the teacher to do basic steps and practice boxing;

    3. Participants do the steps they had learned before coherently.


    VII.Brief introduction of culture experience

    1. Cangzhou Museum

    2.Cangzhou Planning Exhibition Hall

    Cangzhou Planning Exhibition Hall has shown the coastal features with canal culture and ethnic customs of Cangzhou and embodies the concept of " building, managing, serving  cities  developing cities with plans " .

    3.Cangzhou Library

    4. Cangzhou Celebrity Botanical Garden

    In the garden, the water and mountain are the main scenery and diversified plant landscape are everywhere, which highlight the historical and cultural landscapes of Cangzhou.

    5. Xianwang Winery

    6.Lion City Park

    7.Cangzhou Gym

    8. Cangzhou Wenmiao

    Tiefo Temple is located in Puzhao Park, Dongguang county, Hebei Province. It is originally known as Puzhao Temple. This architecture, built in north Song Dynasty, has a long history of 1000 years.


    10. Baiyangdian Lake

    Baiyangdian Lake is the largest freshwater one in China. It is home to about 50 varieties of fish and multiple varieties of freshwater shrimp and crabs. The lake and side parks also are home to a vast number of lotus, reed and other plants.

    11.Huanghua Harbour

    Huanghua Port is located in Huanghua of Hebei Province by Bohai Sea, which is on the border between Hebei and Shandong provinces and in the central Bohai Economic Circle. It offers rich Portunus crab, mantis-shrimp, prawns, clams and other aquatic products.

    12.Cangzhou Iron Lion

    The iron lion is the oldest and largest iron-casting art piece still in existence in China.It was built in Zhou Guangshun three years (953 years).Folk people call it "Zhenhai roar". It is said that the reason why build it is to suppress the tsunami and flood.

    13. Tiefo temple of Dongguang

    Tiefo Temple is located in Puzhao Park, Dongguang county, Hebei Province. It is originally known as Puzhao Temple. This architecture, built in north Song Dynasty, has a long history of 1000 years.

    14. The Grand Canal of China

    The Grand Canal of China is a world cultural heritage, a great water conservancy project created by the working people of ancient China on the eastern plains of China.

    The Grand Canal has been classified by UNESCO as world cultural heritage in the world. The irrigation works that The Grand Canal of China is the greatest in China ancient times, the canal that also is the longest on the world.

    VIII. Fees(RMB)

    (1) Application fee: 200 RMB per person;

    (2) Tuition fees:2000 RMB per person;

    (3)boarding fee:50 RMB per person/day

    1. Fees for meals (one day):40 RMB per person/day

    Grand total: 5000 RMB per person

    IX. Materials needed

    Application form, copy of passport, two photos

    Applicants should scan the above application materials and send them to Ms. Ma’s

    Email: 1423222846@qq.com and submit 2 photos upon registration.

    Enroll or not enroll, no files would be returned.

    X.School address and contact information:

    Address: Room 219, Scientific Building of Cangzhou Technical College

    West of Jiuhe Street, Yunhe District, Cangzhou, Hebei Province

    Zip code:061000


    E-mail:1423222824@qq.com; macongying421@163.com


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