CAEOP membership is available to educational professionals, organizations, and institutions.

Active Professional Membership shall include those persons actively engaged in, but not limited to, the administration or general operation, inclusive of instructional staff, of educational opportunity programs located in Connecticut. Connecticut persons qualifying for Active Professional Membership should spend a significant and continuing portion of their professional activities involved in the concerns of students.

Institutional Membership shall be open to any institution and organization having an interest in promoting the goals of The Association.


Develop a network of TRIO and Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) colleagues to share ideas with, provide pipelines and opportunities for students, and utilize as resources when writing grants, submitting performance reports, and developing programing.

CAEOP engages in advocacy for Connecticut-based TRIO and other educational opportunity programs.

Professional Development
The annual CAEOP Conference brings together members to network and provides professional development workshops, distinguished guest speakers, and special topics panels.

Voting Rights
You must be an active CAEOP member to participate in any and all voting related to the organization.

If you are interested in becoming a CAEOP member, please contact us at or complete the membership form.