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    Flott bileter du tek! :)Vi har nok tjuvstarta litt med jula her i gÃ¥rden ogsÃ¥ i Ã¥r! Har bÃ¥de baka og ete opp pepperkaker, er godt i gang med julegÃ¥vene, og har vurdert bÃ¥de ein og to gongar Ã¥ kjøpe svibler 🙂 Har verkeleg planar om Ã¥ kose oss i desember, og for Ã¥ fÃ¥ til det mÃ¥ ein ha god tid :)Ha ein herleg søndag! 🙂

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    Esse é o meu sonho..Me ver livre dessa porchete horrivél de gravidez e gorduras…Cada vez que vejo biquinis fico me imaginando dentro de um..pois até então só uso maiô e canga até p entrar na águaé horrivél..LENDOOS DEPOIMENTOAS UNS LEVANTAM O ASTRAL E OUTROS NÃO…BJS.

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    sy x tipu..mmg sy tgk sekali n just for few minutes je..x abih 1 episod pon.. klu Qi,dr mule smpi abih dok dpn tv..klu bleh next episode tu nak smbg aritu terus.. but this one like kite masak black pepper steak.. nice to see n even nice to hear.. but bile kite rase totally all out… pls change klu nak rating jjcm terus ok.. mayb diorg x sesuai jd pengacara but more to acting.. :p

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    here in the UK, we have what’s called a “section 6″ notice, its a right to squat an empty building, the government is taking that right away and making it illegal. you can see why, they don’t want the embarrassment of having people with rights in homes when the ballifs take the house………we need to stop this now. the saying goes “AN ENGLISHMAN’S HOME IS HIS CASTLE”, THAT APPLIES TO EVERY HUMAN ON THE PLANET TOO

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    Hey, that sounds like a ton of fun! Hope you guys have a terrific time, and I’m anxious to hear about how it went.P.S. Upon reading Mojo’s comment, I initially picked up on the words “music festival” and “Dead” also and pictured a Woodstock-ish image in my mind. Mine wasn’t as detailed as Mojo’s though 🙂

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    That's a very moving story, & well told. It is hard to see our parents in this sort of state–my father had lost much of his cognition for the last year of his life. You're brave to make those visits, & someday, you'll be very glad to think how you did. But I'm sure it's hard now.

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    oh such a beautiful story of a tenderhearted boy and the convicting, powerful and yet soothing Word. i love those conversations where i pray like crazy and see the Holy Spirit step in and lead my kids to Him.

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    Yes, Deneen, I’ve been preaching for years that if we aren’t doing the basics first, none of the whiz-bang look-at-me kind of marketing will work either. Most folks want to skip the basics and go right to the big stuff. Small steps will get us there. Thanks for your kind words, too.

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    Praise God for His Promise (Luke 24:49) of the Holy Spirit. To receive the HS is one thing but it`s equally important to rely on the HS. This brought to mind one of the initial meetings on reaching out — the question of “once filled with the HS, always filled with the HS” and Pastor`s response that we have to pay attention to Him, have a relationship with the HS, rely on the HS for guidance and understanding. I believe we also need discernment in determining whether some ideas are really from the HS as opposed to our own. I think it`s difficult to differentiate at times.

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    I’ve been all over the place on the warm/cold thing, so I’m not really sure. My instinct is to say she’s warm because she’s so jarringly emotional, but I don’t know if that’s the same thing.Another topic of discussion… is the piano a cold instrument or a warm one? I’m thinking maybe it’s cold.

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    Two questions:1. We work in a Class 1 Division 1 environment, is this non-static producing material and/or can they be grounded?2. Is it available in a see through, doesn’t have to be transparent, but let light and shadows thru.

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    Glad you like the header image — it’s STAD AMSTERDAM (album linked at right). Love your blog. I don’t know when I’ll next have the chance to go schooner-spotting in New York Harbor, but when I do — I’m ready.

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    , I can’t imagine posts about the cars he buys are really what KCC readers are clamoring for. In the end, is this a blog dedicated to news and topics relevant to KC, or a tool Hearne can use to promote his friends?

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    how do you get your ex back? tips? help plss (:?well i want my ex boyfriend back so much, we only split up yesterday, but it was both our faults. We argue alot, and yes we have split up before, but this time seems different.. we usually just get back straight away but he’s being different, help pls? x

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    But how would we know how to label ourselves without the help of these quizzes? 🙂 Sarcasm aside, I know many people who think that they are small-government Conservatives who support government expansion. Look at someone like Paul Ryan. He claims to be a Fiscal Conservative whose 'draconian' budget increases spending and only makes meaningful cuts to the proposed increases in the budget. Is that really what a Conservative is? And if it is we will need new definitions and new words.

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    Tara, just to say that I will increase prayers for you. Thank you for always being honest and letting us in to the real life you are living. And into the real, incredibly complicated lives of those you live amongst. Love to you all from Texas (via Boston).

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