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    Thanks hkt. It wasn’t my intention to suggest that there was any direct effect from the earthquake; merely that it was a significant event in the background affecting Portuguese ‘power’ in a general sense. I suppose the suggestion was that, even if there had been a desire by the Portuguese to retain Brazil, the earthquake had been ‘one’ thing that made any huge, decisive action that much less possible or likely.I have written about , by the way, but absolutely would not say I am “well read” in the subject.

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    hur kan man låta ens egen dotter utsättas för något sånt förskräckligt, mitt framför ögonen på en, kan man tänka sig?det har med religionen att göra. mohammed/rondellhunden gjorde detta, och även allah vädjar sina anhängare att leva på detta sätt. och allahs och rondellhundens ord väger tyngre än ens eget förstånd..

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    Ahahaha! Oh, Luca, hai fatto colpo su una ragazza di Yavin4! Era in giro a fare foto e mi fa: "Ho visto un Magnetos strafigo! Mi sono innamorata!"Io: "Guarda che è un mio amico…"Lei: "Aveva un elmo fighissimo!"Io: Eh, glielo ha fatto Fulvio! 🙂 (lo conosce anche lei…)Grazie per il veloce incontro al Japan Palace!!! Un bacio :-*

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    When reading that "outbreeding" plan, I was thinking of Idiocracy. The film starts out showing a stereotypically redneck, uneducated family and their burgeoning family tree. This contrasts with a highly educated couple's struggle to have just one child. That's what leads, eventually, to the idiocracy. I sincerely hope that no one follows this guy's advice.

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    Anonymous 10:05 to MaxDrei: it may well be undesirable that a patent can issue on the basis of a technical effect not perceived by the applicant. But equally I would like an opponent to be able to have a patent revoked for obviousness on the basis of a technical effect not perceived by the applicant. It is this latter point that concerns me more.

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    I do hope the view from fez doesn't turn into a forum allowing its contributors to vent their travel woes. This article is more suited to tripadvisor and does not sit well alongside the other excellent and informative posts on this blog. We all have gripes with airlines and like to have a moan but please not here.

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    Turkish citizens and are not allowed to go south of Cyprus Northern Cyprus. . . No direct flights from Turkey as well, so if a Turkish citizen to go to the south of Cyprus, he / she must need to travel through any airport in Greece. . . Only way

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    Quand on suggère que le contribuable sera mis à contribution si la BCE risque de sauter, on nous répond souvent : Ce risque n’existe pas, il suffit à la BCE de créer de la monnaie. le seul risque est d’affaiblir l’euro. Qu’en est-il ?

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    Anon 4:31,Remember I'm a child of the 60's.You will tee hee one to many times and destroy more than a reputation and you will not be able to count on passive resistance to save your ass.You chicken hawks will not be wanting to deal with old crazy Vietnam Vets. I know you will be sending your trash to do your dirty work as in the days of the Citizens Council, but now, there is no fear.I'll throw more than a tantrum.

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    Acho que não é o Andres quem tem que responder sobre o IBC na Copa ter ido para o RJ. Esse é um problema do prefeito e do governador. Sobre essas declarações de ex-vice, ele é ex-vice agora depois da eleição de ontem. No tempo que era vice, não falou nada, então não merece crédito.

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    AND THE BEAT GOES ON, TO QUOTE SONNY AND CHERBut these are just a minor anomaly, a blip on the radar screen, an inconvenient truth and pie in the face for those that called us “Seattle Bubble bloggers” the buffoons a few months ago. – Rate this comment: 0  0

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    Mooie column. Waarom botsen de verlichtingsidealen vrijheid en gelijkheid voortdurend? Omdat het derde verlichtingsideaal (broederschap) impliceert dat we dezelfde Vader hebben (alleen dan kunnen we allen broeders zijn, ongeacht menselijke familiebanden). En dàt gegeven willen de ‘verlichters’ koste wat het kost niet erkennen; waardoor de rest ook niet werkt.

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    Thanks Joseph! I like the comparison to Sydney Carton. I hadn’t thought of that! They’re are some similarities but I guess, unlike Carton, the thief was going to die in a few hours either way. In another sense, he had nothing to lose! (Wait, did I just contradict myself… oh dear!)

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    February 1, 2012 at 8:56 amWOW! I cannot believe what you people are saying.I have been a Howard fan for 25 years. A LOYAL fan. That man has more talent and genius than anyone in show biz. I listen every day on the way to work.I can’t tell you how many times I have had to pull over from laughter. The man deserves every penny he was promised. I even went as far as hiring High Pitch Eric to work for me(who is a great guy in real life) . Reply

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    Having been a child once, I would agree with you. Not a good idea. I was homeschooled (basically unstructured structure), and my mom had a hard enough time getting me to be self-motivated. Most of the time she had to make out specific schedules for me. Like you implied, I think “unschooling” would only work for the most motivated of people.

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    Thanks Kathy and so many at Infusionsoft for making me feel a part of the team so quickly. Looking forward to working with small businesses, sales organizations and influencers here in Colorado (not just Denver to help them succeed with their sales and marketing.-Travis

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    1) The Heat can have House. As long as they don’t add a significant big man, they shouldn’t be the clear cut favorite quite yet.2) Queensbridge, NJ? I’m pretty sure Queens is a burrow of NYC.3) I hope that we can retain Shannon Brown but if we can’t, I’ll just have to hope for Sasha to be his 07-08 self.

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    i’m here, too- and i agree, you can’t censor yourself. this is your place. your way to vent, explain, rant, gush- all of it. you didn’t start this blog as an only ttc place- it’s your life. so you need to write about what’s happening in it. you relax, be as stress free as possible and ENJOY THIS TIME!!! we’ll remind you

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     AB 131 students willbe the lower with min. GPA of 2.0-2.6 for their free State financialaid.  Out-of-State and Foreign Nationals will be more heavily recruitedto pay for the budget deficit, while AB 131 will “place out” and “priceout” Middle Class Legal Residents Students due to their favored statuswhile diminishing aid for Legal Students.

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    PS: Facebook kriegt außerdem in nächster Zeit ein neues Aussehen – ein paar haben es schon, andere noch nicht (Hauptmeldungen/neueste Meldungen weg, rechts seitlich ein zusätzlicher Newsstream, etc) – darüber berichte ich aber erst, wenn ich mich damit beschäftigt hab. Ihr könnt euch einstweilen ja langsam damit vertraut machen, dass wieder was geändert wird.

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    Nicole, I’m sure there were many standing up for their faith, but I’m sure there were many buying chicken who are not Christians, yet they were there in support of freedom of speech. I have to agree with George that this demonstration was not about sharing our faith.

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